When my husband and I agreed he should take a new job two and a half hours away but keep our home in Milwaukee, too, I kept hearing a repeated Spirit-inspired-whisper:

“Do today.”

When I caught myself worrying about how I’d manage two houses long term, I’d get overwhelmed. When my mind wandered to how I’d find or keep friends living like a nomadic wanderer or what the holidays would look like, I’d get a pit in my stomach. However, when I just thought about the day I was in,

I felt more peace and joy.

This morning, I felt that same angsty pressure, however, reading 2 Peter 3:11. “Since everything around us is going to be destroyed like this, what holy and godly lives you should live…” I know abstractly that Christ’s death has already made me holy (1 Peter 1:2), but functionally living out of that identity sometimes feels impossible and if I’m honest, undesirable.

When I read 2 Peter, what should’ve felt like a sweet invitation that was for my good (Deuteronomy 6:3), instead felt challenging and insurmountable. To live out of my holiness and pray for someone who keeps snubbing me or not swear in traffic, goes against what I instinctively feel like doing. But as I was journaling about how hard it is to act the way God already sees me I heard it again:

“Do today.”

God says I’m already holy and godly. Asking Him to live out of that truth today, doesn’t feel so overwhelming. Praying for the Spirit’s help in living out of my holy and godly identity for the next 24 hours feels less pressure filled.

And because “do today” isn’t my default and I excel at worrying about tomorrow, I’m grateful for the Spirit’s prompting. I’m thankful for His loving reminder affirming how He sees me. And for a nudge that’s helping me honor the Lord and experience more peace and joy in my life…