“Relying on God has to begin all over every day, as if nothing had been done yet.”  C.S. Lewis

Next week we are moving.  I am surrounded by boxes and piles and so this morning in typical type A fashion, I got right to it and started packing and cleaning, packing and cleaning.  As I was hanging up my daughter’s new dress I remembered I needed the Lord’s wisdom on a teenage issue and I laid down the dress and headed to my Bible and tried to trust that God would give me enough time to get everything done He purposed for my day.
Martin Luther said that when he felt too busy to spend an hour in prayer and devotion he immediately stopped everything and took two hours.  When I fail to seek God out first thing I am trading God for me. And when I fail to do the “work of prayer” or seek God’s answers out I am left to rely on my logic, my past mistakes or successes or my emotions.  When I am most stressed it is then I should seek God out the most rather than what I usually do, neglect time with Him.

“Dear God, Thank you for prompting my heart and mind to come sit on your lap this morning.  Thank you for reminding me that navigating my daughter through these teenage years always trumps getting a box packed or a kitchen cleaned up.  Thank you that you are able to supernaturally expand my time, give me wisdom in raising my children and take care of that which is most important to me, when I put you first every day.  Thank you that when I remember that the Word of God is your love letter and life instruction manual to me I should desire nothing more than to be immersed in your Word as often as I can throughout the day.  Amen.”