“If only you would be altogether silent!  For you, that would be wisdom.”  Job 13:5

My maiden name is Golden and often my husband tells others I have the Golden Gift of Gab.  Although he says it in jest (kind of..,) it is difficult to deny that I am never short on words.  Yesterday I received this Scripture from Job in my inbox (from www.BibleStudyTools.com).  I emailed my Bible study sisters that I was going to memorize the verse, staple it to my forehead and write it on a piece of paper and eat it!

“If only you would be altogether silent! For you, that would be wisdom.” I pray and lament with regret over the way I don’t seem to get any “better” with my mothering, the kind of wife I am and in other relationships, but if I could just close my mouth I certainly would live with much less remorse.  Talking less is not something I want to do partly because I feel like I will lose my identity or not be myself if I am not always sharing my two cents, my joke or my thoughts.  But in praying to speak less I will be living out Luke 9:23a “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves..,” In becoming less of me I will become more like Jesus and in doing so I will be able to live life with less regret, bless those I love the most and honor and glorify the King.