“Many are the plans in a human heart but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” Proverbs 19:21 This was not the morning I had planned. My kids had gone to bed late and while I was sneaking out of the house to go on an early morning walk I was immediately annoyed to see my youngest was already awake. With irritation I anticipated a day of her being crabby and whiney. I was upset with her, my other kids and their sleepover guests. I also had grandiose visions of going on a walk early, getting back to make coffee and reading my Bible before anyone was up. Not the morning I had planned. As I headed out on my walk and I began to pray God revealed to me why I was so mad. I was upset because I was unable to control the situation. I was unable to have the morning go exactly as I wanted it, unable to control kids getting up early and unable to control the wrath of tired children. God reminded me that instead of being mad at everyone and having a bad morning I should entrust Him with what I could not control. I know the verse about Christ’s strength bring made perfect in our weakness so why not pray that over my daughter’s day? Why not pray for patience and discernment in how I would approach her and why not pray for all my children and their sweet friends instead of being crabby and upset? “Lord help me resist the desire to always being in control and to trust your purposes for my day. Help me to look at the “disruptions” of my day as opportunities to see and depend on you more. Amen.”