“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  Philippians 4:13

I have been dreading registering for my next grad class.  I  want to take a class but I have been wondering how I will have the time to read and study when I barely have a minute to do anything extra lately.  I worry about times when I will have to sequester myself to study for an exam or write a paper.  My husband and children will have to pick up some of the slack for me and I worry if that is okay.  Lots of worry..,

I have a bracelet that has Philippians 4:13 on it and I wear it almost everyday.  I figure it is a good “witness” to those who might see it.  It’s also really cute and the word “CHRIST” is in a lime green color, all in caps and really pops.  Good for others to see, right?  I have been convicted lately about how much of the Bible I REALLY believe.  I mean, I can do ALL things through Christ?  On an intellectual level I believe that God can do anything He wants but if I am honest, I limit what He can do thru me.  If I am honest, I do not live like a woman, mom, wife, student or employee who can do all things thru Christ’s strength.  If I am brutally honest, I do not believe Scripture that I know, profess and even wear on my wrist. 

“Lord, help me today to believe in my heart and my mind that the God who raised Jesus from the dead “..,will also raise us up by his power.” (I Cor. 6:14).  Help me to live not in defeat and fear but in the victory and power of your strength.  Help me live like I believe that I can do ALL things through you and help those things be of eternal importance.  Amen.”