“In fact, this is love for God; to keep his commands.  And his commands are not burdensome..,”  I John 5:3 

In my last blog I talked about doing all things through Christ who gives me strength but that very same day I found myself disillusioned once again. Though I genuinely wanted my day to be filled with meaning and purpose and although I prayed earnesty about being used through His strength, my day was filled with everything contrary to that (just ask my kids).  I tried so hard to be used by Him and I desired so much to look more like Him.  Though my day began with such potential, it ended with such disappointment.

After praying about it I realized this was perhaps however just one more opportunity for God to teach me about my striving. In a sermon on Sunday, Pastor Mac McCarthy talked about the notion of a relationship with Christ.  He spoke about Jesus Christ’s desire not for what we bring or what rules or rituals we follow or fail to follow (striving), but merely for a heart that yearns for Him (submission). Mac spoke about the notion of relationship and not one dependent on what we do, but one built upon that which human relationships are built upon – love.  It is freeing to stop striving and start submitting to Jesus who only wants for me an abundant life now and eternal life later in and thru Him. Out of submission to Him I become less focused on my failures and more focused on His genuine and abundant grace. Out of that grace stands a forgiven and imperfect woman who longs to be more like Jesus because I want to, not because I have to or think I am supposed to. “Lord help me to stop striving and daily choose to submit to you instead.  In that surrender help me to understand that life in you is not burdensome but freeing and transforming.  Amen.”