“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world!”  John 16:33

This morning I was getting together with several women who went through a Bible study with me last year.  The study was deep and rich but also raw and difficult at times.  We met weekly and learned about God’s Word, shared the struggles and joys of our lives and grew together as women who desired to live for Jesus.  We were and are “soul sisters.”  We finished our study in July and today were getting together just for fun.  The problem was I wasn’t really in a “fun” mood and I really didn’t want to go hang out today (I won’t bore you with the details but it was a long week). I kind of wanted to be alone.  Maybe read my Bible.  Maybe ask God why raising teenagers had to be so complicated.  Maybe crawl back in bed and dream of a vacation (on an island where there are no teenagers)..,

After our usual girly hugs and hellos and coffee we sat down to get caught up.  The first woman told us about taking her husband to the ER yesterday.  Another friend told about her daughter being sassy.  Another updated us on her friend whose husband is dying of cancer and my other friend told us about a difficult relationship. In the context of those stories we read Scripture (John 16:33), prayed together, teared up together and laughed together.  And then sooner than I would have liked I had to leave and as I got into my car I realized something that God keeps trying to teach me.  I have to be in relationship with other mature Christians who read their Bible and are serious about Him.  I have to force myself to “socialize” with my soul sisters when I don’t want to, don’t think I need it or have the time.  Like so many things I should be more intentional about, I need to be intentional about whom I am drinking coffee with!  Life is too short and my faith too important to only hang out with friends who tell me they like my haircut or my new jeans or that they can’t tell I put on five pounds.  I want and need to spend more time with those women who will help me become the mom, wife and woman that Christ intends for me to be.  Dear Lord, thank you for friends who are serious about living life in and through you.  Thank you that they aren’t shiny, plastic Christians who are fake or who judge or criticize me but that they keep me walking with You when I am struggling to do it on my own.  Help me and every woman who is serious about living life for you intentionally find and choose to spend time with other women who are chasing after you in all that they do and are.  Amen.”