I am reading a book called Knowing God by J.I. Packer.  After reading just the first chapter I have been challenged by something monumental.  Packer tells us to ask ourselves what is our ultimate aim in reading God’s Word?  Why do we do it?  I read God’s Word to find out how to be more like Jesus.  I read God’s Word to be transformed into His likeness (a.k.a. be a nicer wife, a more patient mom, to be a more loving person).  Those are all great reasons to read God’s Word but Packer challenges us to read God’s Word to know God (think about that for a minute.., I had to).
That seems obvious, simple and easy at first glance but reading God’s Word JUST to know Him better has revolutionized the way I read the Bible.  You should try it.  Before you read the Bible today (hint, hint) pray and ask God to help you know Him better.  Pick even one verse you are familiar with and read it just trying to know God.  Just see if it doesn’t show you His great love for you, the amazing power He wants to equip you with and how big He really is. 
Dear Lord, thank you for an opportunity to see you in new and fresh way.  Thank you that earlier this week when I prayed and asked you to show me your love this week that you did it as I read your Word trying to know You better.  I pray everyone of who “earnestly seeks” you today will be awestruck by how much You love them.  You rock.  Amen.”