Last weekend I got to go to a Special Olympics tournament to watch my nephew play basketball.   If you haven’t had the privilege of attending an event like this I would highly recommend it.., and take your kids.  My daughter’s eyes welled up with tears when her cousin made a basket in front of us.  My younger daughter thought the cutest thing was when a 40 year old teammate of my nephew’s yelled to the stands, “Mom! Did you see my basket?”  My son, daughter and husband made a sign for my nephew and when they held it up for Kyle his smile lit up that gym.
Last week I found out my daughter has to have another dental procedure similar to the debacle we went thru last summer (hopefully sans the trip to Children’s Hospital ER).  I was worrying about it and feeling sorry for both of us when God reminded me of Jason.  Jason was at the basketball tournament Saturday and sat by us.  Jason was 30 years old and told me about the high school he attended and how much he loved going to prom.  Jason told me I had beautiful eyes and when he met my husband he said jokingly, “Dude, I’m hittin’ on your wife.” (He also told me I looked like I was 18. I am a big fan of Jason).
Jason used to play basketball but he was no longer able to.  He has had cancer four different times and his last treatment prohibited him from being able to play sports.   Jason did not stop smiling or talking to us the entire game.  He had joy I have never known and a perspective most of us will never find.  I told Jason I would pray for him whenever I thought of him hoping I could bless him, not realizing how much he would bless and teach me instead.  Faithe will be just fine with her latest dental adventure and I will too.
“Lord, thank you for Jason and for my nephew Kyle.  Your Word tells us that we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven unless we become like little children (Matt. 18:3); Jason and Kyle are adults with the hearts of children that somehow the rest of us seem to lose somewhere. Thank you for making some people so special that they teach us out of their humility and gentleness and great big hearts.  I pray you would continue to allow Jason to have victory over cancer.  Thank you for using him to teach me a lesson of thankfulness and giving me Your perspective when I was tempted to let fear rob me of the joy we should all find in You. Amen.”