I often desire to experience God’s love in a “real” way. For Him to come put His arm around me when I need a good cry or for Him to tell me, like with a nice Morgan Freeman kind of a voice, that everything will be okay.  I desire to feel loved by God sometimes in a very practical way and yesterday on my birthday, I was given that kind of love.
My birthday is not something I have big expectations for. It was not a big deal in my home growing up (Japanese mom and old school dad – good material for a therapist to dissect someday I’m sure).  I don’t like to be disappointed so I really don’t hold out great hopes for surprise party, a gluten-fat-free cake, or a new Porsche.  But there are times I go all middle-school girl (often times in fact) and I hope deep down that people will call, text, or acknowledge my birthday (a.k.a. acknowledge me).  Because I have two part time jobs and am persuing my Master’s Degree and because I am extremely Type A, I live a pretty autonomous life.  I don’t make a lot of time for friends because when I am not working or studying I try to pour into my family.  I don’t think that is wrong but when you don’t make friendship a priority, you don’t expect a whole lot of reciprocal lovin’ from people.  But yesterday I will just admit, I checked Facebook to see if anyone wished me a Happy Birthday.  I know, very mature.  Pathetic to estimate your likeability based on Facebook posts but just being honest.  Finally, late in the afternoon someone posted on my timeline and then someone else and someone else.  And the best part was the posts weren’t just Happy Birthday’s, but sweet and precious wishes and love notes that I truly cherished and that made my birthday especially “happy.” 
“Thank you Lord for my family and friends and yes, thank you even for Facebook.  Thank you for reminding me what it means to someone when I remember them and then take them time to let them know.  Thank you for being a sovereign God who knows that I need and want to feel loved everyday, but especially yesterday.  Thank you that you not only know there is an insecure middle school girl that still resides in me and don’t chastise me for it, but you also reassure me of Your love for me in those moments.  I pray that whenever any of us needs to feel your love in a practical way that we will remember to ask You (and then look and listen with patient expectation; You don’t disappoint).  I am truly blessed; help me to be a blessing to others today.  Amen.”  Love you all! XO, Laura