I am speaking tomorrow at a retreat for Elmbrook Church (a mega church in Brookfield, WI).  Last fall when I agreed to speak I went to the website trying to find the times for my seminars to plan for the rest of my busy weekend.  As I was looking around the site  the names of several seminar speakers were listed followed by the words “…and more!”  After I opened up the list of seminars I realized that all the breakout speakers had been highlighted except myself and one other person.   Although my ego was slightly bruised by this, I had actually forgotten about it until last night when my son asked where I was speaking Saturday.  I told him Elmbrook and he said matter of factly, “Oh that’s right, you’re …And More.”  Yes, yes I am.

One of the things I try to remember to pray daily is that I will have humility but like so many things I pray for, when God answers that prayer I am not always thankful.  The way I have learned to pray for humility is to ask God to keep me humble without humiliating me.  He has always faithfully done that.  I am kept humble in subtle ways that no one else would ever know (except when I blab about it in my blogs).  Although I am genuinely thankful to be “and more” tomorrow, I have to wrestle with being okay with the fact that in my life and  in all that I do, “He must become greater; I must become less” (Jn 3:30).  Although I know I bring nothing on my own when I have the opportunity to speak (I bring only what the Holy Spirit equips me with), I always gravitate back to hoping people like what Ihave to say, love how I say it, liked what I was wearing, laughed at my jokes and thanked me afterwards.  
“Dear Lord, thank you that I am blessed to be able to share tomorrow with even just one woman.  Thank you that in being “and more” I am reminded that I need to continue to pray for humility and that I need to continue to remember my Audience of One.  Help me to desire to please only You and help my prayer always be like that song, “Let them see You, in me; Let them hear You, when I speak.”  Thank you that you have given me an awareness that you are listening to and answering my prayers in the first place.  Help me to trust that no matter how much I do not want those answers sometimes, that they help me honor and hopefully look more like You.  In Your Name, Amen.”