I try to read my Bible in the morning before I read anything else.  Before I read any texts, my email or the paper I try to ensure I read at least one Psalm and one Proverb (whatever the date is, I read the corresponding numbered Psalm and Proverb. Today I read Psalm 15 and Proverbs 15). Before I delve into the Gospel of Luke for my grad class or start unpacking the book of Romans for a retreat I am teaching at, I try to read God’s Word just for me. I need to hear from God not for information but for my own personal transformation. I need to hear from God every single day because…well, you read my blog. Most days I’m a hot mess.

The hard part about reading the Bible first thing in the morning is that it is so loud. My kids are usually asleep and my husband is on the treadmill in our basement or eating breakfast but, it’s still really loud.  The deafening and distracting noise comes not from my dog or my family, it comes from inside my head. This morning I found myself racing thru Psalm 15.  Unconsciously, I was looking at each word on the page all the while thinking about the tournament my daughter is playing in this weekend, who is driving and if I remembered to pack my flat iron. I got up to get my finger nail file (because apparently I was also thinking about my nails) when thankfully a new noise came into my head.  It was a Spirit inspired awareness that I was reading my Bible like I do so many things.  I was going through the motions.  It is always amazing to me how frequently I do life completely at a subconscious level, completely unaware of my thinking, behavior and my speech. Once I realized the mindless and distracted way I was reading God’s love letter to me, I stopped, prayed and started over.  And it made all the difference.
“Dear God, Thank you for turning off the noise in my head this morning so I could concentrate on what You had for me today. Thank you for making me aware in your gentle way that I was just trying to complete my mental and spiritual checklist rather than understand the fact that You, the God of the universe wanted to tell me that you love me through your Word. Lord, please help me become more aware of everything I do and think and say.  Help me to remember that the unexamined life is not worth living and that by the power of your Spirit, I can begin to live more purposefully each day. Thanks for Your help (again). Amen.”