Romans 8:11a says, “And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you…” I first heard that verse years ago and I love it. I want it. I believe it…sometimes.
I have often wondered while making my bed, putting dishes in the dishwasher (again), driving kids around and the other unexciting things that comprise the majority of my life – where is Romans 8:11? How does the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead that lives inside every believer manifest itself in my mundane life? I love this verse and the power behind it, but what does it look like, how do I know if He’s working in me and why do I feel so normal, uninspiring and not powerful most days?
There are a few times I have experienced this power, however. When I started speaking years ago and God used my shaky voice, trembling hands and pounding heart to help a woman or two. When I wanted to choke one of my children but instead God helped me discipline in love, provide a hug or avoid using sarcasm (that onlyhappens by God’s strength). When a few Sundays ago I had bronchitis and only a few hours of sleep and I had to teach three times and God gave me clarity, focus and passion. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s happened enough that I believe the Spirit of God can work in and through me.
What do you believe about Romans 8:11a? I have so many women tell me they believe God is calling them. They tell me they love writing, teaching or they have a heart for the elderly. It is one thing not to start a blog, pursue a ministry opportunity or go back to school because it isn’t the right season (i.e. sleep should be the priority of most young moms) or because of career/financial/life constraints, but most women I speak to haven’t followed through on their calling because they are afraid of failure. “Who cares what I have to say?” “What if….” “I’m afraid….”
What I am continuing to learn about Romans 8:11 is the Spirit usually manifests itself most obviously and powerfully when I am doing what God’s called me to, when I am least confident in my own abilities and when the Kingdom will be impacted. What do you love to do, that perhaps people have told you you’re good at and you believe God is calling you to? Are you rationalizing not writing a blog because the world doesn’t need another blog or are you trusting the Spirit to work through you regardless of the outcome?

Sister, write. Teach. Learn. Go. Not because you will be amazing or because the world needs you. Get going because 1) God’s called you and 2) one person may benefit from what God’s called you to. And when you’re afraid, don’t think your work matters and question it all, keep going choosing to believe you are called and equipped by the power that raised Jesus from the dead. #believedeeper