While in Texas on spring break last week I heard a question that gave me pause:
What’s your best version of you?

As we were headed down the runway, partly as an exercise in reflection and partly to distract myself from hatred of flying, I answered the question:
“The best version of me is inspired. Recounting 9-11 and JFK’s assassination while visiting two presidential museums in Texas, reminded me of the very worst and very best sides of humanity. It left me deeply saddened but even more inspired. Inspired to do more, be braver, act more kindly and to empower others to be their best version of themselves. Inspired to do my part to make a difference and in moments of inspiration I find another best version of me, as well:

Fearless me. As I taxi down the runway, I can “look past” my fear of taking off in a giant metal tube filled with too many heavy people and onto greater things I’ve yet to do. Suddenly this light and momentary trouble I have had an irrational fear of most of my life – flying – becomes only a necessary detail. Something to get from here to there. In the scheme of what God’s called me to, in the scheme of trying to spread His love to a hurting world, in the scheme of prayerfully trying to inspire my kids to fulfill their best versions of themselves, in the scheme of God’s plan of love and redemption, in that scheme – fear even of flying seems inconsequential. My best version of me is peace-filled.

My best version of me is not reactionary. It is when I don’t respond emotionally, but instead pause, pray and respond in love. My best version of me doesn’t have to react with sarcasm, defensiveness or anger. My best me is compassionate not critical, patient not perturbed and gives others the benefit of the doubt instead of being quick to judge.”

Since writing down my best version of me I’ve realized some things. I’ve found myself asking the Holy Spirit to be unleashed in me so I can be the best me more often. It wasn’t as hard to apologize to Faithe after harshly and impatiently scolding her since becoming a gentler, more loving version of me is the me I want to be. Thinking about the best version of me has also made me even more inspired. Inspired because I’m not limited by my own thinking, lack of confidence or failures because Romans 8:29 says that God is making me more like Jesus.
“Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” Do we believe that? Do we believe we are being conformed into our best version of ourselves because the Bible tells us so? Or do we go about our unexamined lives, limiting God and living a mediocre version of ourselves because we don’t really trust He can do better in and through us?
What’s your best version of you?