That’s the topic my friend and I didn’t agree on. We both have strong feelings about them, but they’re differing feelings. To be honest, I was surprised one of my otherwise placid BFF’s had such strong feelings about people wearing/not wearing masks,

But we love each other.

Our relationship isn’t based on our opinion of face-coverings, riots, or if coconut’s good (it isn’t). Our relationship is grounded in Christ. Yes, we love the 80’s, walks, and shopping, but Jesus is who we love most. So, we humbly shared our thoughts and moved on.

I was pondering this morning the too often asked question in difficult times, “Where’s God?” I thought about all the things most everyone has strong opinions about: masks, #BLM, all things pandemic/protest related. But where Christians stand on these matters probably won’t lovingly show non-Christians where God is. And where God is – is waiting and longing for everyone to know His love (2 Peter 3:9).

Now, more than ever, Christians have the chance to show unbelievers where and who God is. We have the chance to respect others’ opinions, instead of trying to be right about hashtags, to-mask-or-not-to-mask, and a virus even the most brilliant minds can’t agree upon. Although I have strong opinions about many things (masks, vaccines, the use of turn signals, etc.), I generally avoid talking about them (especially on social media)…

if they don’t matter for eternity.

There is a beautiful line from a Puritan prayer that says, “I am thy child and should bear thy image.” Although I love that my daughter looks like me, I want people to look at me and see my Father. Jesus didn’t look arrogant, dismissive, or like a know-it-all. What a privilege we, as Christ-followers, have in asking the Holy Spirit to help us look more like our Daddy to a hurting, frightened world that’s looking,

At us.