Why did I miss my baby’s last ever Homecoming?
When I was asked over a year ago to speak at a retreat that I guessed was going to be Homecoming weekend of Faithe’s senior year, she encouraged me to go. As the weekend approached however, I grew increasingly sad. I didn’t want to miss taking pictures, hosting the sleepover afterwards, and did I mention the pictures?
But I remembered Jill Briscoe saying that because we treasure the Lord first, He cares about what we treasure, too. So last week, I started to ask God to help me leave without being sad. He answered in unusual fashion.
Five days before the retreat, my daughter’s tennis partner spiked a fever. Exposure to COVID meant Faithe’s last week of tennis and her senior Homecoming may not happen. It also meant I may not be able to teach after all. Both “might-nots” felt devastating.
When we found out the next morning that Faithe’s double’s partner was negative for COVID, we were elated. In almost losing Homecoming and the retreat altogether, the Lord provided me with a new much needed shift in my perspective.
Two days before the retreat however, sadness crept in again. The only thing worse than lasts, are missing them, but I continued praying. Later that day I found out not only were some good friends attending the retreat, I could also do one of my favorite things. Ride a horse.
Faithe looked at me after I hugged her good-bye before leaving for the retreat. I’m not sure, but my kids know I’m a crier and I think she was checking to see if I was okay.
And by God’s grace, I was.
What’s heavy on your heart? Pray about it. Jesus may not change the circumstance, but He may use livestock, a pandemic, or otherwise to give you His supernatural joy, peace, and perspective,
with your hearts (second) biggest treasures.