One month ago, we lost our dog of fourteen years.
Although I’m a kid (not a dog) person, after Sherman died, I was broken. Every time I’d walk by his bed was or thought I heard him shake his collar, I’d cry so hard it took my breath away. Every picture, memory, and empty room made my heart literally hurt. Even a month later,
I still miss him so much.
Last week I heard pastor Matt (Chandler) implore us to ask the Lord to help us pray in such a way “to move the hand of God.” That sounded powerful and profound. Since my prayers typically reflect how I approach most of life, to be efficient and move on to whatever’s next, I asked God this week to help me pray in such a way to move His hand. And as I asked, I got a small glimpse, thanks in part to Sherman, of how to do just that.
I’d never realized how hard it was to lose a dog. An animal. A canine companion that frankly, I didn’t even care that much about (or so I thought). But now when I see posts about my friends losing their dogs, it moves me deeply. It conjures up a compassion, understanding, and hurt I didn’t have a month ago. A month ago, I also didn’t have personal experience with two other firsts; my own surgery and a family member with COVID. Firsts that have given me a new lens of empathy, experience, and insight. Firsts that have helped me pray with care and desperation,
to move the hand of God.
How do we move God’s hand? I’m not sure, but I’m learning my own pain has helped me prayer differently for the pain of others. And although I don’t know if that moves God’s hand, I know it’s definitely been changing and moving my prayers
And my heart.