On New Years’ Day, I started a yearlong sabbatical from (my personal) social media. I also intended to film a weekly Bible study, write my next book, and read through my Bible. On a less spiritual front, I committed to “Workout Wednesdays” to up my cardio stamina. Today is February 2nd and I’ve achieved exactly two of the aforementioned resolutions.

In December I started having headaches and lightheadedness which have increased in intensity and frequency. The good news is, after many scans, pokes, and tests, I’m in almost perfect health. The bad news? My brain still hurts. Although feeling disoriented physically has been challenging, being disconnected virtually has been awful, too.

I miss social media. I miss you. I feel out of the loop. And because of my many appointments and debilitating symptoms, I haven’t been connecting with anyone on my ministry pages either. As bad as migraines feel, anonymity and feeling forgotten are no picnic either.

But a few weeks ago, I put this verse on my desk. Do I believe I’ll look upon God’s goodness? Meh… Do I feel strong and courageous? No. Am I waiting for the Lord? Only because I have no choice.

But I’ve been here enough before to know the Lord meets me when I’m forced to wait. In dark and lonely places His voice, which I hear when I read and re-read a passage like Psalm 27, sounds brighter and louder. When I read his Word over and over, it starts to resist my feelings and current reality that tells me, “Everything’s NOT okay, you’ve been forgotten, and that headache’s here to stay.”

Have you already failed at your New Year’s resolution, too? Maybe forgot or burned your “Word for 2023?” I’d encourage you to Google a verse that looks desirable and inviting. One that gives you hope in what seems hopeless. His Word is all I have right now, but in that I’m finding hope, and that’s the goodness of God that’s worth waiting for.