I barely slept last night.

My daughter was flying overnight from O’Hare to Amsterdam and from there to Tanzania where she’ll be teaching math to high school students. The professor who’s leading the group has taken twelve trips there before so rationally my head knows she’ll be fine. But based on the bags under my eyes, my heart doesn’t care about what’s rationale.

I gave both my girls baby elephant bracelets to match my bracelet with a mama elephant to remind us to pray for Faithe’s trip daily. I also selected cards with a Bible verse and wrote a note for everyday she’ll be traveling.

I prayerfully chose each day’s verse knowing the Lord already knew what she’d need from His Word. As we were heading to the airport, I decided to take a quick picture of each card so I could pray the verse of the day for her, but I realized this morning I’m going to need the Scripture more than Faithe.

“Behold, the eye of the LORD is on those who fear him, on those who hope in his steadfast love.” I’ve read the verse many times today. Did I feel the Lord’s eye on Faithe while I tossed and turned all night?


Did I put my hope in His steadfast love for her while constantly tracking her flight and location?

No, again.

But as I’ve continued reading this verse, my anxious heart has started beating a little slower. I’m feeling a little less stressed. The passage is reminding me things my head knows but my heart lags behind in truly believing…

I’m not in control but God is, and He loves Faithe so much more than I do.
When I take time to read Scripture and ask God to help me “overcome my unbelief” (Mark 9:24) it settles me down. It helps loosen the paralysis fear brings. It reminds me of my smallness and God’s bigness, and gives me a glimpse of the peace my heart longs for so desperately, when I simply

Read, wrestle, and remain in God’s Word.