I’m writing a book for young women about how to fear less.

Twenty years ago, the Lord freed me from panic attacks that I’d battled since I was five. Although I still struggle with fear, I don’t struggle with the overwhelming kind of anxiety I once did. I’m not consumed by fear in the same way and when you’ve been given that kind of gift, it’s hard to keep that to yourself.

As a former teacher who loves young people, I felt called to write and try to help even one person. One person who’s experienced the horror of panic attacks. One person who’s been robbed of emotional, relational, and mental time because of anxiety. Because to help one person fear less is a gift, as well.

However, the more I write, the more I feel like I’m in over my head. Although the Lord has helped me fear less, I know that only God’s Word and the Holy Spirit can help people experience more peace. Additionally, I’m not a physiatrist, therapist, or pastor. I don’t feel equipped to help others

Fear less.

But yesterday I was reading my Bible and thinking about all of this, I read 2 Chronicles 20:12. I realized fear is like a mighty army on the attack. Whether we’re being pursued by fears that are real threats or anxieties worsened by our imagination, battling fear feels like a war. And when you feel you’ve nowhere to hide and can’t protect yourself, it’s a war that you feel powerless to fight.

But Jehoshaphat’s prayer give us the offensive weapon we need. The king humbly admitting his weaknesses and humanness availed him to God’s strength and authority. In becoming small Jehoshaphat experienced God’s peace and confidence because he realized that what he’d been called to do had nothing to do with himself, and everything to do with the Lord.

That was the reminder I needed to keep writing and stay in the battle with greater confidence. And it was an opportunity to experience God’s peace and compassion as He helped me to ironically once again,

Fear Less.